Neil started making pies from his home in the late ‘80s. He called them “reach for the pies” but everyone knew them as Neil’s pies, so when we took over in 1999, it was an obvious name change.

We slightly modified the recipe to make the gravy thicker. Giving our original “Walk and Talk” pie a non-drip practicality. The gravy stays in the pie not in the bag or down your shirt.

The same thick gravy is used in the filling of our family pie, at 25 cm and 950 gm it gives a daddy bear, mommy bear and 2 baby bear portion, with a little left over for Goldilocks.

The newest pie in our range The Pub Pie,  a pie to eat as a meal with a very juicy gravy and lots of tasty meat, a gourmet treat, ideal as a pub lunch with a few chips, salad or roast veggies.